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greenapg 1214
    greenapg 1214 test method
inci name   lauryl glucoside  
cas-no.   110615-47-9  
solid content % 50.0-52.0  
ph value (10% aq.) - 11.5-12.5  
free fatty alcohol % <1.0  
sulfated ash % <3.0  
viscosity(40℃) mpa·s 2000-4000  
color hazen <50  
appearance(25℃)   pale yellow liquid  
odour   no odor  

description and applications:            
greenapg 0810 is a very mild nonionic surfactant made from renewable vegetal raw materials, which is low toxic, no irritating and readily biodegradable. it’s excellent performance including detergency, wetting, dispersing and compatibility, especially foaming property. it also exhibits excellent alkaline and electrolyte resistance and can solubilize other ingredients. it can be widely used in personal care and household cleaners: day cream, night cream, body cream & lotion, shampoo and hand cream, etc.            
the ph value could be determined in accordance with customers needs.            
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